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Lääne-Viru Aaspere
Total area: 1564 m²
Number of rooms: 21
General condition: Renovated
Form of ownership: Immovable property
Sales price: 869 198,42 EUR
(13 600 000 EEK)
(555,75 EUR/m²)

Contact: Asko Endoja,
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  • Brick house
  • Tin roof

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    19074 korda
    Additional information:
    The Aaspere manor dates back to the first part of 16th century when it belonged to Hasfer family, from which its name comes from. In the 18th century, owners of the manor were the von Pahlens, and from 1756 the von Stackelbergs. For a short time (1785-1798) the manor was owned by the German blooded Georg Friedrich Velten from St. Petersbourg. Since 1798 until transfer in 1919, it was owned by the von Dellingshausen family. The last owner was Eduard von Dellingshausen, who was also the last head of Estonian Knighthood. From 1921 until beginning of 1990-s, it was used as an orphanage. After 1990 the manor was owned by private persons who have restored it as a tourist and cerimonies center.

    The manor is conveniently located 1,5 km off the Tallinn-Narva road, approximately 80km from the capital city Tallinn and 15 km from Rakvere. The property has a size of approximately 50 hectars and hosts nowadays five buildings: three side building, one appartament building and the main manor house. As it is today, the manor house was originally built in 1730 and it is one of the best examples of Neo-classical style to which most of the estonian manors are inspired. Following the will of Eduard von Dellingshausen, a chinese temple, unique in Estionia, was built in the 13 hectars park in the back of the manor house.

    The manor house is listed among the Estonian architectural and cultural monuments worthy of preservation
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